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Planet Surface Features

The planets in our solar system each have their own surface features. Explore the many different surface features, which include craters, mountains, valleys, scarps and many others, using Wolfram|Alpha.

Planet Surface Features

Search for features by type or by name, which is usually a combination of a famous person or character and a Latin description of its feature type.

Compute the location and get properties of surface features on other planets:

Great Red Spot

Query for the status of the Great Red Spot on Jupiter.

Find the current position of Jupiter's Great Red Spot:

Find the position at a specified time:

Get the time of a Great Red Spot event:

Properties of Planet Surface Features

Plot the location of a planetary feature, determine its size and find out what body the feature is found on.

Locate a feature on a map:

Compare the sizes of features:

Determine the elevation of mountains:

Calculate the distance between features: