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Space Probes

Deep space probes are devices created to explore space beyond Earth's orbit. A space probe may orbit another body, such as with the Cassini space probe around Saturn or the Juno space probe around Jupiter. A space probe may instead have a hyperbolic orbit that carries it beyond the gravitational influence of the Sun, such as with the New Horizons space probe that flew by Pluto or the Voyager space probes and the Pioneer space probes that explored the outer solar system planets. Obtain data on the power sources used by space probes, including solar power for inner solar system probes or nuclear power for outer solar system probes.


Discover the target or targets for a particular space probe, or find the probe or probes around a given body.

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Properties of Probes

Explore the properties of space probes, such as power source, target, launch information and more, which vary depending on the mission purpose.

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