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Space & Astronomy

Wolfram|Alpha's extensive coverage of space and astronomy ranges from natural phenomena to manmade technology, covering anything above the Earth's atmosphere. With Wolfram|Alpha, you can do computations with and explore data about physical objects, such as planets, stars and artificial satellites. Wolfram|Alpha also has many different astrophysical formulas related to space and astronomy.

Astronomical Events

Explore time-dependent events throughout the calendar year.

Compute the date and properties of an eclipse:

Get information about a meteor shower:

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Compute many different astrophysical concepts from stellar luminosity to cosmology.

Compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another:

Compute cosmological properties of the universe:

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Examine a wide variety of data about planets outside our solar system.

Get information about an exoplanet:

Do computations using the properties of exoplanets:

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Gain clarity about clouds in space that include both emission and reflection nebulae.

Compute the location and get properties of a nebula:

Compare nebulae:

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Star Charts

Explore the sky with star charts or maps.

Generate a star chart:

Generate a star chart for a specified location:

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Space Technology

Learn about satellites, space probes, space missions and other technologies for exploring space.

Get information about a manned space mission:

Get information about a satellite:

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Celestial Mechanics

Explore various formulas for orbital and time‐based dynamics.

Compute the orbital period of a massive body orbiting another:

Interactively compute the orbital speed of a body:

Visualize the relation between the eccentric and true anomaly:

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Explore information about galaxies from multiple surveys, including the Messier, NGC and IC catalogs.

Compute the location and get properties of a galaxy:

Get a property of a galaxy:

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Astronomical Radio Sources

Investigate data about invisible astronomical radio sources.

Look up objects by name:

Look up objects by catalog number:

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Celestial Navigation

Learn about astronavigation values to help chart your journey.

Find your way by celestial navigation:

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  • Earth Sciences
  • Physical Principles
  • Physics
  • Solar System

    Discover many different static and time-dependent phenomena about the planets, moons, asteroids and comets.

    Compute the location of a planet on a specified date:

    Compute the location and other properties of a comet:

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    Star Clusters

    Navigate through a wide range of properties for both open and globular star clusters.

    Compute the location and get properties of a star cluster:

    Locate a cluster at a specified time:

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    Delve into a diverse set of concepts, data and computations about stars throughout our galaxy.

    Compute the location and get properties of a star:

    Do computations with star properties:

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