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Threaded Fasteners

A threaded fastener is a piece of hardware that contains screw threads used to hold or bind many different types of objects. Threaded fasteners are typically specified using a number of different attributes, the primary one being their diameter. The size of a threaded fastener can be specified in both imperial and metric units as well as by standard gauges. Standard gauges can be specified by numbers (wire gauges) or fractional units. Additional attributes may include the threads per inch and shaft length.

Screws & Bolts

Specify the dimensions of a threaded fastener and compute with them by specifying diameter, threads per inch and other attributes and view basic properties.

Get dimensions of a screw or bolt:

Specify thread pitch:

Get a specific measurement of a fastener:

Do computations with fastener dimensions:

Threading Formula

Obtain a detailed analysis of a threaded fastener including thread density, thread pitch and tolerances.

Compute characteristics of threadings: