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For sports fans and photography buffs, woodworkers and word nerds, Wolfram|Alpha has data and algorithms to help with your hobbies and make your leisure time projects more productive. Calculate probabilities for classic card or coin games, solve challenging word puzzles, answer complex questions about your favorite pro sports teams and find handy conversions and computations to help with projects in knitting, woodworking, photography and more.

Games & Puzzles

From classic games of chance to recent board and video games, compute the odds or look up useful statistics about your favorite pastime.

Explore a feature of a video game or a board game:

Take a chance by determining your odds:

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Word Puzzles

Unscramble an anagram, crack a cryptogram or succeed at Scrabble®.

Find anagrams of a word:

Decode a cryptogram or find a word that maches a pattern:

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Examine characteristics of many kinds of rope, including with specified diameters.

Find characteristics of a rope:

Look up a property of a rope:

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Knitting Needle Sizes

Compute one, purl two with detailed information about and conversions for knitting needle sizes.

Get information about knitting needle sizes:

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Even if you don't know your aperture from your f-stop, perform useful computations to help you capture and print the perfect shot.

Do f‐stop arithmetic:

Compute subject magnification or hyperfocal distance:

Specify pixel density and a photograph size:

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Explore family relations of notable people throughout history or learn more about standard genealogical relationships.

Learn more about how family trees are structured:

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Threaded Fasteners

If your hobby has some assembly required, let Wolfram|Alpha help you compute proper screw sizes or thread counts.

Get dimensions of a screw or bolt:

Do computations with fastener dimensions:

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  • Art & Design
  • Cities
  • Countries
  • Materials
  • People
  • Units & Measures
  • Sports

    Keep up with your favorite pro teams and players, browse historical Olympic data or learn more about thousands of different sports objects.

    Get information on a professional sports team:

    Learn more about your favorite past and present athletes by comparing them:

    Explore information about Olympic and other professional athletes:

    See where professional sports teams play and Olympic athletes competed:

    Before you kick that ball or jump over that bar, learn more about a sports object:

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    Apply computation to woodworking projects by examining types of wood and their physical properties.

    Examine a type of wood:

    Explore properties of different types of wood:

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