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Institutions & Organizations

Locate and gain a greater understanding of notable public and private organizations with Wolfram|Alpha's extensive computational database. Look up public and private companies by location, revenue or other key properties; explore enrollment and financial data for schools, school districts and universities; or compare libraries, prisons, foundations and more.


Explore public and private company fundamentals.

Get information about a company:

Do computations with company data:

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US Private Schools

Retrieve location and student demographic information for secular and religious private schools.

Get information about a US private school:

Get demographic data for US private schools:

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Find and compare US hospitals by location or staff and patient characteristics.

Get information about a hospital:

Compare hospitals:

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Generate comprehensive reports on major university enrollment, tuition, trends in degree programs and more.

Get information about a college or university:

Compare universities:

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Look up and compare assets and expenditures of charitable foundations.

Get information about a foundation:

Compare foundations:

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US Public Schools

Compute reports on enrollment, student-teacher ratios and more for public K-12 schools.

Get information about a US public school:

Get demographic data for a US public school:

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US Libraries

Explore public and university libraries in the US, including staff, expenditure and book loan data.

Get information about a US library:

Find US libraries with specified characteristics:

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  • School Districts

    Investigate student enrollment, district revenues and expenditures, and district-wide socioeconomic information.

    Get information about a US public school district:

    Request a specific property of a school district:

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    Learn about US state, local and federal prisons, including locations and inmate demographics.

    Get information about a prison:

    Find prisons with specified characteristics:

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