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Fluid Mechanics

The field of fluid mechanics examines the behavior of fluid systems and objects moving through fluids, such as liquids, gases and plasmas. This area of research is highly important for everything from basic plumbing to aerospace engineering. Use Wolfram|Alpha to compute fluid dynamics using essential equations in the field, such as the Archimedes principle, Bernoulli's equation and the Rossiter formula.


Compute pressure and fluid velocity using Bernoulli's equation.

Do computations with Bernoulli's equation:

Fluid Flow

Compute the behavior of fluid flow through pipes, around objects, and under sudden changes in pressure.

Calculate flow through a pipe:

Do a Venturi flowmeter computation:

Determine change in fluid speed from pressure change:

Calculate pressure change due to fast or slow valve closure:

Compute fluid flow around an object:

Compute boundary layer thickness for laminar flow:

Do computations with the Rossiter formula:

Visualize a vortex field:


Compute the buoyancy of different materials in various liquids and gases.

Do buoyancy computations:

Barometric Pressure

Compute how atmospheric pressure varies with altitude, gravitational acceleration, temperature and molar mass.

Calculate barometric pressure: