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Quantum Physics

The field of quantum physics studies the behavior of matter and energy at the scales of atoms and subatomic particles where physical parameters become quantized to discrete values. Wolfram|Alpha provides information on many quantum mechanics systems and effects. Calculate wavelengths, energy levels and spectra using quantum theory.

Quantum Effects

Examine exponential decay, Compton scattering and the Rydberg formula.

Compute exponential decay:

Compute the energy of a photon given its wavelength:

Compute a thermal de Broglie wavelength:

Compute a Compton wavelength:

Determine the wavelength shift for Compton scattering:

Use the Rydberg formula to compute spectral lines:

Look up atomic spectra:

Look up work functions:

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Many-Body Theory

Compute the quantum effects on systems at low temperatures.

Find fermion and boson distributions:

Quantum Systems

Get equations, bound states and other properties for a wide variety of different quantum systems.

List quantum physical systems:

Find equations associated with a quantum system:

Find the propagator for a system:

Get information about quantum phenomena:

Learn about a paradox in quantum mechanics:

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