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Nuclear Physics

The field of nuclear physics examines properties of atomic nuclei and how they interact. Use Wolfram|Alpha to calculate the many aspects of nuclear physics from nuclear energy and reactions to properties of atomic radiation and decay. Compute the effects of the detonation of an atomic bomb, determine the shielding effects of different materials and examine properties of isotopes.

Ionizing Radiation

Compute the stopping power of different materials, transmittance and properties of radiation absorption.

Compute the stopping power of a material:

Compute properties of radiation absorption:

Compare the radiation absorption of materials:

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Get information about a wide variety of isotopes and their properties, such as decay modes and half life.

Get information about an isotope:

Compare several isotopes:

Do computations with isotope properties:

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Nuclear Power

Get information about nuclear reactors, such as power generation capacity, construction dates and more.

Get data on a nuclear power station:

Get information about a property of a nuclear reactor:

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Cerenkov Radiation

Calculate properties of Cerenkov radiation, such as the speeds of particles and light and the Cerenkov angle.

Compute characteristics of Cerenkov radiation:

Radiometric Dating

Use carbon dating to calculate the age of samples based on the ratio of carbon-14 remaining.

Do carbon-dating computations:

Rutherford Scattering

Calculate scattering cross sections for Rutherford scattering based on scattering angle, target element and energy.

Determine the cross section for Rutherford scattering:


  • Chemical Elements
  • Particle Physics

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  • Nuclear Weapons

    Compute properties of nuclear explosions, such as cloud height, air blast radius and fireball duration.

    Compute nuclear weapon effects: