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An asymptote is a line that a curve becomes arbitrarily close to as a coordinate tends to infinity. The simplest asymptotes are horizontal and vertical. In these cases, a curve can be closely approximated by a horizontal or vertical line somewhere in the plane. Some curves, such as rational functions and hyperbolas, can have slant, or oblique, asymptotes, which means that some sections of the curve are well approximated by a slanted line.


Find horizontal, vertical and slant asymptotes of rational functions and more.

Compute asymptotes of a function:

Find asymptotes of a curve given by an equation:

Horizontal Asymptotes

Find horizontal asymptotes of a function.

Compute horizontal asymptotes:

Vertical Asymptotes

Compute vertical asymptotes of an expression.

Compute vertical asymptotes:

Oblique Asymptotes

Calculate slant, or oblique, asymptotes.

Compute oblique asymptotes:


  • Algebra
  • Limits
  • Polynomials
  • Rational Functions
  • Curvilinear Asymptotes

    Find parabolic and other curvilinear asymptotes.

    Compute polynomial asymptotes of a rational function: